4th Of July Family Fest


Join us on Thursday, July 4th from 12pm-10pm at Warren Holder Park in Locust Grove for the largest firework display and family festival in south Atlanta area featuring LIVE Music, Kids Zone, Water Zone & over 100 vendors! Music & Fireworks are free parking is $5 / $10 / $20! Live nearby walk-ins no fee. Kids Zone, Water Zone, and Dry Zone are available for $5-$15 each.

Dry Play area along with Wet Zone so bring your bathing suits.

Pricing is as follows kids zone will be open from the start of the day until 30min before the sun goes down.
Bundle the water zone and dry zone for only $15.00

Kiddy land - 48" or smaller dry play area $5.00 per person all day unlimited play.

Water Zone - Any size or age "some units may have weight restriction" $10.00 per person all day unlimited play.

Dry zone - Any size or age "some units may have weight restriction" $10.00 per person all day unlimited play.

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